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300 Click for offerNASA turns 60: The space agency has taken humanity farther than anyone else, and it has plans to go further. Where Are America’s Winters Warming the Most?

Lucid demoed how VR180 content -- normally viewed on a VR headset -- could be watched on the Hydrogen One. They are partnering with Red on an unnamed 8K camera that captures 3D video. The Hydrogen One is used as the camera's viewfinder, allowing you to view content in 3D as you record it. I should note that Lucid plans to bring its 3D Fusion Technology to other dual camera phones later this year. Mr. Trump has repeatedly come to Mr. Netanyahu’s assistance in times of trouble by moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing Israeli control of the Golan Heights. In this case, Mr. Netanyahu is in a tight election campaign and analysts said he both owes Mr. Trump for past favors and still needs his support.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEThe account was described as “Fact checking Labour from CCHQ.” Using census data, the investment company the Blackstone Group estimates that without immigration, the working-age population between 25 and 64 years old would drop by 17 million by 2035.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYThe prospect of repatriating citizens who had joined the Islamic State, and of trying to prosecute or reintegrate them into society, has raised daunting concerns for many allied governments over security, legal and political risks. Not one detainee from the makeshift Syrian camps was returned to their home nation in the last five months of 2018. He was the philosophizing founder and chief executive of Overstock.com, a publicly traded e-commerce retailer that sells discount furniture and bedding. She was an ambitious graduate student from Russia.

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Brian Horowitz, who now coaches Fordham’s track teams, recalled memories of when he and Officer Mulkeen were students at the university. Whether that growth has made the conference better at football is up for debate. The A.C.C. placed a team in the College Football Playoff each year since it began in 2014. But four of those five appearances were by Clemson, and being top-heavy isn’t the same thing as being deep.

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The high-energy blast caused disruptions for some radio operators in Europe and Africa, but it was accompanied by a slower-moving, massive cloud of charged particles known as a coronal mass ejection (CME) that will deliver Earth a glancing blow this weekend. For decades, Kashmir has been racked by militancy, oppression and unrest. Kashmiris are feeling especially demoralized and cornered now. The fear is that the area is about to ignite; even with phone lines cut, leaders in jail and soldiers on every street, protests are erupting. Some are peaceful. Others descend into stone-pelting clashes.

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Fans on social media oohed and aahed over the romantic proposal. Comedian Leslie Jones even tweeted a video of her reaction. "First of all, the man who's going to be with me, is going to propose to me on the Emmys," she said. "If you don't do that, then you ain't serious about our love. Real talk! Naw!" At The Atlantic, James Fallows wrote, “These are episodes of what would be called outright lunacy, if they occurred in any other setting.” J.W. Verret, a former Trump transition staffer, declared of Mr. Trump’s behavior: “It’s growing worse and worse. I can’t explain it.” The president’s behavior has reportedly alarmed even those sympathetic to him: Peter Baker reported in The Times that his aides and allies have “privately expressed concern that he was hurting the economy and was doing lasting damage to his own prospects for re-election.”

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Rent/Buy: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Vudu How do you feel about the state of mainstream pop right now? Is that something you keep up with — the radio, Spotify, Billboard?

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