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300 Click for offerAmerican troops withdrew from posts near two Syrian towns close to the border on Monday, after President Trump agreed to let the Turkish operation go forward but then said he would restrain Turkey. Mr. Trump has invited Mr. Erdogan to visit the White House in November. I don't know how I feel about those wheels, but I do like the little flourish by the side skirt.

Here is what we know about the brutal system that has been critical to Mr. al-Assad’s success in crushing an eight-year revolt. An car-like accessory will also be made available, which you can mount the Tail on, and it will then follow you around like a puppy while filming you. This could make for cool 360-degree panoramic shots as well.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKESeveral candidates released policy proposals this week aimed at supporting farmers, families and seniors. First published Dec 6, 9:49 a.m. PT.Update, 10:47 a.m. PT, 11:26 a.m. PT and 2:24 p.m. PT: Adds further background, commentary and analysis. 

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYPICTURE THIS Ryan: After we eat, we all meet up at our apartment uptown. Now that we’re done with the album we’re working on the tour. Jack: We have a lot of theatrical flourishes and moments that are beyond explaining. On our last tour, we basically had this pyramid of light-up boxes that was about 20 feet high. It created this kind of musical, audiovisual Blue Man Group look. That all needs to be conceptualized by us. Ryan: Basically, we break out the white board and work through what we need to work through. Jack: We probably spend about three hours or so doing that. It’s intense. That's the crux of a new study from AAA, which says that automakers use too many differing names for these ADAS, or active-safety, technologies. In a survey of 34 car brands sold in the US, AAA's team found that there are 40 different brand names used to describe automatic emergency braking, 20 different names for adaptive cruise control and 19 terms of lane-keeping assistance -- to say nothing of other features like automatic high beams (18 names) or rear cross-traffic warnings (15 terms).

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Advantage: Too soon to tell The Smart Clock includes Google Assistant, as well as a pared-down version of Google's smart display interface designed only to show you information like traffic on your route to work, weather, calendar appointments and maybe a video feed from a Google-connected smart camera. It can play music, but not video from any of the various streaming services, nor can it show pictures. 

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“I think our defense was outstanding again,” Atkinson said. “We talked about it pregame. I thought they were active, just a lot of deflections, forcing turnovers, so that’s good news.” On Sunday, HBO finally announced the premiere date for the final season of Game of Thrones.

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“Now I can park on the street and charge up, and anyone else in the neighborhood who has a Tesla can, too,” Mr. Torrella said. Sophie Alpert wrote a post on Workplace, Facebook's internal social network, about the reasons for her departure, CNBC reported. In the post, Alpert, who identifies as transgender, pointed a finger at a co-worker's remark on Workplace. She also wrote that she was attacked on Blind, a third-party app that lets employees chat anonymously.

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The last time I thought about Chianti in fiaschi was a few years ago when Monte Bernardi, a very good producer, began selling Chianti in the straw-covered bottles as a sort of playful retro statement. Huawei deleted and replaced the tweet, but not quickly enough to stop people from getting screenshots of the original.

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